Monday, May 4, 2009

Riding horses

Some friends invited us over Saturday afternoon to enjoy their horses (Cheyenne & Stormy). We were glad they called while Roger was in town. The kids enjoyed feeding them carrots and riding them some. Derek was even able to work on a few requirements for his Horsemanship merit badge. It was a rare treat, and lots of fun.

Not your ordinary bandit

We had crepes for breakfast Saturday, and Brandon decided to get creative with his. We were marveling at the perfectly round circles he could make with his teeth - and how well they fit over his face! Scary!

We now have a teenager!

Derek turned 13 on Friday. This makes me feel really old! To celebrate his big day, he had a couple of friends over to spend the night. He requested a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake - yummy! He is sprouting up fast and continues to be a great kid.

Practicing to be a teacher

I found this paper in Kaylee's room. She created the assignment herself as the teacher and then became the student to complete it. Of course she had to morph back to grade her work. She loves playing school in her room. Too bad none of her stuffed animals can write.


We actually took a few Easter pictures with no tears this year!! It was a mini-miracle.
Mom & Kaylee
Three handsome boys
The Shields Kids
Annual backyard egg hunt - Derek made things tricky!
Decorating Eggs

April Fun (for the most part)

Grandma Leckie sent a fun Easter package as always. This year, the kids had fun with these little poppers. I wish I could say they weren't aiming at each other most of the time, but that would be a lie!
Fiona is getting much more comfortable with everyone now. She tolerates the kids manhandling her.
Usually Kaylee is overjoyed to write sentences (which defeats the purpose). This time, she definitely wasn't happy about it. Lately when I ask her to write something like, "I will be kind to my brothers," she tells me - "I must not tell lies." Hmmm. Not sure we're getting anywhere with this one.
Our next door neighbors went crazy and rented a HUGE water slide for their son's birthday. The kids had a blast. I even braved it a couple of times. Lots of fun.