Thursday, November 12, 2009

Falling Waters State Park

We spent Veteran's Day checking out a nearby State Park. The weather was cool, breezy, and overcast as Tropical Storm Ida made her way east. The park was fairly empty, and we had a nice day exploring together. The kids probably could have played on the gravel pile in the parking lot all day, but we finally convinced them to check out the rest of the park.
Here are some of the cool things we saw....
(A tiny caterpillar)This is the kids trying to get the other football out of it's thorny landing place. They just HAD to throw it as we walked.
Here we are in front of the tallest waterfall in Florida. It drops into a really deep sinkhole and its total height is 73 feet. Pretty good for Florida I guess!
Kaylee on the falls overlook
TYPOS - the following signs had me laughing and/or rolling my eyes. Talk about being grammatically challenged! We need some quality control!!
This one just seemed funny...
Towards the end of our "hike," we came upon the playground and spent some time goofing off. Roger and Derek found a good place to practice throwing the football.
Brandon impressed us with his ability to swing quite high on his own.
Dustin decided to regress and learned that being a baby isn't really all that comfortable.
Hanging upside down seemed to be the preferred activity.
Kaylee and Brandon performing on the stage.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A great temple trip

I am in the Relief Society Presidency at church, and we decided at the last minute to make a weekend trip to the Orlando temple. It was a beautiful day with great company. I loved getting to know Kim and Trena better. I even got to visit with my wonderful friend Jodi, who happened to be there that day.