Sunday, January 31, 2010

1st Camping Trip and visit to Lakeland

We went to Orlando in January to try out our pop-up camper and attend the temple. Despite heavy rain on the drive down and again through the night, we managed to stay dry had a great time. We're anxious to go camping again!
We were able to work out a last minute surprise for Kaylee when we realized that the Hawthornes were in the area the same weekend. Taylor came and spent one night with Kaylee. The girls were so excited to see each other!
There wasn't much "real" hiking available at the campground, but the kids still had fun tromping around while Derek and Roger volunteered to help with some turkey trapping.
During our trip, we made a drive up to Wekiwa Springs where the kids did some unplanned swimming in their clothes.
It was a nice warm day and we enjoyed "hiking" some more to dry everyone out. This is Florida, so "hiking" is a relative term! It was a pretty long walk, and we were all a little disappointed by the destination, but everyone ended up dry and it was good exercise at least!
The next day, we packed up the camper and headed to Lakeland to visit friends. Thanks again to Sean & Melanie for letting us stay with you. It was awesome to see everyone!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year's Fun in SC

Our New Year's visit to SC was lots of fun as always!
Kaylee with one of Nate's bunnies
Mom & Dad's Christmas tree
Waiting to watch the opening of the "Shields pile" of presents. Check out Brandon and Brian - they look happy to see each other!
The Three Amigos - Derek, Justin, & Dustin
Roger refused to make a normal expression.
Presents from Grandpa & Grandma Leckie
Presents from Crystal - ignoring the spending limit again!
Nate's 34th birthday - he's so lucky to have us there to crash his party each year.
Crazy party-goers - Brandon, Brian, & Kaylee
Kaylee & Brian - the regular size update.
Kate & Kaylee
Latisha & Crystal
Brandon & Brian - these 2 spent a lot of time together!
Playing on the rocks at Table Rock State Park
Geri, Nate, & Mom
Roger & Latisha
Dad & Mom
Derek, Justin, & Dustin
Table Rock through the trees
Dustin & Justin playing chess
Emily & Andrew
Kate - the Queen of Static Electricity!
Kaylee & Kate with Crystal after having their hair braided.
New PJ's from Crystal - she really wanted a picture of all of us, so we took one!
Nate burning the trees in the rain
The rain turned to wet snow for a short while.
It was cool, even though it didn't last.
Of course, the boys couldn't resist playing in it. The hill was actually quite slippery, so they were even able to do a little sledding before the snow turned back to rain. They came in soaking wet.
Dan & Emily
Crystal & Dad
Another addictive puzzle....