Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brandon's first lost tooth

Brandon has been anxiously waiting for this day! I'm finding it rather nostalgic that my youngest child is losing his baby teeth :(.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

SC Trip for Crystal's Wedding

We went up to the church Thursday night to decorate for the reception. It was fun when we looked around and realized that for a short while all 6 of the "original kids" were there working together. It would have been nice to finish before 2 AM, but we had a good time!
Nathan thought he was so funny when he taped Emily's legs to the scaffolding.
Crystal was very helpful...or not.
We forgave her for sleeping since we didn't think she should have to be there anyway!
Almost done..
Chick-Fil-A the next day
Well, technically the same day. We try not to miss cow appreciation day! It was especially fun to go with all the cousins. Have we mentioned that we love free food?
Wedding Day - July 10 - Columbia, SC Temple
Family Photo Shoot
Joe & Betty Leckie
Roger & Latisha Shields
Derek, Dustin, Kaylee, Brandon
Nathan & Geri Leckie
Justin, Brian, Kate
Adam & Holley Leckie
Abby, Megan, Sophie
Dan & Emily Milton
Jeffrey, Caitlyn, Andrew
Jonathan & Crystal Buffington
Sara Leckie - the only single one left!
The original 6 Leckie kids
Crystal, Latisha, Adam, Emily, Nathan, Sara
The Reception
Groom's cake - yummy carrot cake covered with crazy pictures of Jonathan

Jonathan's brothers decorated the car. The keys were supposedly in a balloon. Crystal and Jonathan popped them all, only to discover that the keys were really in the gas cap.