Sunday, November 16, 2008


I knew it was coming. I couldn't avoid being tagged forever! I just wish I had something more interesting to share. As I understand it, I'm supposed to look in my 4th picture folder at the 4th picture and share it. I had to laugh when I saw what it was. It's documentation from Derek's science fair project on evaporation. He was trying to determine if color had anything to do with how fast things evaporated.
Now, see if you can top that! I'm tagging Sarah, Leah, Crystal, Jodi, & Geri. If you haven't already done this (and if you dare), post your 4th picture from your 4th picture file. Have fun!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween pictures - a little late!!

This year we decided to carve only one family pumpkin rather than one for each child. To help ease the transition, the kids decorated their own construction paper jack-o-lanterns while they took turns helping with the carving.
The costumes for this year: Derek was a vampire, Dustin was Draco (complete with a Slytherin snake), Brandon was Obi Wan Kenobi, and Kaylee was a cowgirl. This was taken just before the trunk-or-treat at church.
For Halloween night, Dustin decided to be Mad-Eye Moody.
This is a water bottle that Brandon transformed into a bat one afternoon. Kaylee's class had done a similar project, turning theirs into pumpkins with orange colored water, and he wanted to have "a cool water bottle" too. I was pretty impressed with what he was able to do all on his own!
Emily and Dan were here for Halloween night and went trick-or-treating with us. This is Caitlyn as a ladybug.
Here is cousin Jeffrey as a very cute dog. We all had a nice and relaxed Halloween!