Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 2011 - a gypsy, a ninja, and Mr. Mayhem

This year's Halloween costumes for the younger 2 kids.
Derek with his female friends at the ward Halloween chili cookoff. (Samantha, Emily, Derek, KaLyn, and Tiffany)
Roger was "Mr. Mayhem" for Halloween (from the Allstate Commercials). He made up his own scenario which would be more applicable to the FWC and wildlife. It was pretty clever, but not everyone got it!
The sign says: "I'm a Florida Black Bear. The bacon grease that you left sitting on the counter after breakfast is calling to me like scent to a bloodhound, and your flimsy screen door just isn't going to stop me from reaching my culinary nirvana. Once inside, your kitchen becomes my personal playground...until you walk in and surprise me. Then I'm taking the closest escape route out of Dodge - which happens to be through your picture window. And if you named your own price with a cut-rate home insurer, you're most likely going to be stuck paying for these repairs yourself. So listen to 'our state' - FWC - and protect yourself from mayhem like me. Are you in good hands?"

Monday, October 24, 2011

Random October pictures

Beautiful wildflowers my husband picked for me on the way home from work!
Our pond sans rain. It's getting to be quite the mud hole.
One of the brazen raccoons that hang out in our yard. It's up in the tree in the first picture.
Dustin's new parakeet, Rio.
The scouts learned about ham radio one Saturday in October.
Kaylee got a feather for $1 at the school Fall Festival. She left it in her hair for almost 3 months.
We decided to use the coupons they gave out at school to see the Cole Bros. Circus when it came to Panama City Beach. Dustin was playing at a football game and wasn't able to come. Kaylee invited her friend Hannah, though, so we still had 4 kids.Just documenting that we finally covered the pool on Oct. 22. The kids haven't used it for several weeks now.
The current state of our garden boxes. Starting the winter garden - broccoli, spinach, radishes, peas, etc.
Dustin did a project on Joseph Smith for his history class.
Dustin's science fair project involved Kaylee's hamster (in the middle), as well as a couple of hamsters belonging to a friend. He spent a lot of time trying to get them to cooperate!