Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Primary Easter Activity

It was a beautiful day for an Easter activity. Dustin and Kaylee came straight from their soccer games. Brandon had been sick for 3 days, so he skipped his game and went to a baptism with Dad. We all met up for some fun and socializing with friends. The kids hunted for eggs and then played in the field for a while.
Kaylee getting some air
Dustin heading for home
Brandon didn't get along with the moon shoes too well!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brandon's first soccer game

Brandon is #7. This video really doesn't do justice to how funny it was to watch him at his first soccer game. During this clip, he was at least paying attention to the ball, and he seemed to know that he was supposed to stay in the same general location. I guess he figured he would just play when the ball came to him. We love the little kick at the end. Throughout the game, he was full of theatrics and it was semi-hilarious, semi-mortifying to sit and watch the game. He spent a fair amount of time battling with invisible light sabers, covertly aiming finger guns at the other team, and in a dramatic finish, crawling on the nets during his time as goalie. I'm not sure soccer is his thing, but he's having fun!

Scottish Festival

Roger took Dustin to the local Scottish Festival to fulfill part of the requirements for one of his Boy Scout Merit Badges. He saw lots of cool stuff and had fun learning some interesting things!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kaylee turns 9!

Kaylee was fortunate this year that her birthday happened to fall on the Friday following FCAT testing (a very big deal in Florida). The class was having an FCAT party with smoothies and snacks and a movie. It was a super birthday treat! She even lucked out and got some leftover birthday balloons from the Relief Society Birthday Party held at church the night before. Her actual party was a small family affair, but she was all smiles. She seemed to have a need to hug most of her gifts and squeal with delight. She is such a treat to have in our family. We can't believe she is 9 years old already!
Derek gave Kaylee a candle, which she wanted to light right away.
A pinto webkinz from Grandma Leckie
A bathrobe from Grandma Shields
Kaylee's best friend Taylor even sent her a homemade necklace from Jacksonville.
Kaylee loved her birthday and kept her smile all day long!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Job Wanted!

Apparently the allowance isn't flowing in fast enough to satisfy the pockets of my children. Dustin recently determined that he needed to seek employment any way he could get it.
The competition quickly placed ads nearby...(Kaylee's poster)
I found these posted all over the house, but I don't think the response has been what they had hoped!