Monday, March 16, 2009

Up a tree

When we first moved into this house, we took one look at the trees on our property and envisioned broken bones. These trees just beg to be climbed in. Fortunately, although the higher branches are great, they are hard to access. A couple of weeks ago, the boys finally got the bright idea to use a step ladder. I found them napping in the tree after their backyard campout. I'm sure they are sad that we will be moving away from the great climbing trees, but I have to admit that I'm a little relieved!
This is called faith in action! I don't think I would trust those ropes!

Kaylee turns 8

Kaylee started out her birthday celebration by inviting her best friend Taylor over for a sleepover on the Friday night before her birthday.
This was Kaylee's mommy-daughter birthday outing. We went to get her pictures taken and then we headed to the mall for her much anticipated gift of having her ears pierced. When we arrived, there was a baby crying her eyes out as her ears were pierced. That was enough to make Kaylee decide that she would wait a while longer. Instead, we headed for Baskin Robbins for her free birthday ice cream. Still all smiles!
When we got home, we had a small birthday party and opened a few gifts.
Kaylee's baptism was on Saturday. She was beautiful, and we are so pleased with her. She is such a blessing to our family.

Friday, March 6, 2009

For Sale

I think everybody probably knows by now, but we are moving to Panama City. Roger started his new job today, and hopefully the house will sell within the next couple of months. The kids and I plan to stay in Lakeland until the end of the school year. It's definitely seeming real (and a little sad) now that the sign is in the yard. We've lived in this house for 6 years (and in Lakeland for 8). It's definitely a whole new adventure for all of us!

The next best thing

A friend gave us this crate back when we had a dog. Now that we no longer have a dog and are vigorously cleaning out the house, we are returning it to her. Consequently, the crate was in the garage waiting to be picked up. I had to laugh when I looked out and saw that the kids were locking each other up and playing "dogs."

Matching cousins

When Emily & Dan came to see us in February, we discovered that Kaylee & Caitlyn had matching pajamas. It was cute!

History Fair

Derek was chosen to go to the county history fair this year. I thought I'd include a picture of his project. The little moon lander is 3-D and moves up and down.


One Friday evening, a spontaneous family game of Jenga erupted. I loved the expressions on everyone's faces and the fact that they all were getting along temporarily! Nobody even cried or got mad when the tower fell!

Brandon's book review

Preface: Dustin is in 5th grade this year and has to periodically do book reviews for the class. His preferred presentation method is to do a poster with the name of the book and a brief summary - basically just enough to make you want to read the book. Then he gives an oral report.

Occasionally, my children like to give each other homework assignments. Why a person would want to do more work than they have to is beyond me, but I will often see them busily working on an assignment that another sibling has given them just for fun. I had to laugh when I saw that Dustin had assigned Kaylee & Brandon to do book review, too. I didn't get a picture of Kaylee's, but Brandon did a review of "Pig at Work". Note the pig taped to the front.

Q & U Wedding

The Kindergarten classes at Brandon's school got to attend a wedding for Q & U around Valentine's Day. It was a fun opportunity to dress up and do something different. The principal performed the wedding, and it was quite funny (for instance, she reminded Q to be patient if U was needed for other words like umbrella or underwear). The kids loved it!
The reception afterwards
Ms. Hoover's class