Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trying New Sports

This fall, Derek made the expanded middle school football team as a receiver. He is in 9th grade, but is attending a K-12 school, so anyone who makes the age cut-off can still play at the middle school level. The team has won their first 4 games, and Derek has even spent some time on the field (although more time on the sidelines). He's #82 in the picture below.
Brandon wanted to try baseball this fall. He is really excited to be on the same team with two of his friends. The uniform shirts still haven't arrived, but this is the general idea!
The cage on his helmet normally rests a little lower so he can see out the opening. He was just excited to get going and didn't put it on properly. He wears this thing as often as he can.
In Brandon's 3rd game, he finally got the hang of hitting the ball. This is him after his first run. He went on to get another run that night, too! He tells everyone that his secret is to pretend the ball is Dustin's head. Great.