Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Friends

Gibsonia ward had a "Hello Goodbye" social before we left - to welcome new families and say goodbye to those who were moving away. It was a great chance to see everyone before we left Lakeland. Here are a few of the many friends we will miss very much!
Val & Phyllis Hartman
Jodi, Kaitlyn, Nathan, & Taylor Hawthorne
Sean, Miles, Melanie, & Bailee Mitchell
Mary & Frank Pirillo

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another visit from the Milton cousins

It is ironic that even though we are moving closer to Emily & Dan, we likely won't see them as often. We have loved having them come to visit every month when they attend the temple. On their last visit to Lakeland, we took a side trip to the park.Derek comforting Jeffrey after a run-in on the big hill.
Kaylee sliding on the turf - static central!
Caitlyn could have done this all day!
Emily could have done this all day, too :).Caitlyn, Kaylee, Jeffrey
Andrew and Brandon

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brandon turns 6!

Brandon's birthday was unfortunately overshadowed by our impending move, but he was a good sport about it and still enjoyed his small birthday celebration. We were fortunate to have Emily & Dan in town for the occasion (yes, I made the cake, but I cheated and printed the picture from the internet).Brandon with his gifts
"Don't eat Shawna" has been a favorite party game in our family through the years. This time we turned it into "Don't eat Mater" since Cars seemed to be the impromtu theme.

Random Art

Kaylee's picture -I THINK this is Kaylee & Taylor
A toothpick car Dustin made for Jeffrey
Brandon's cheerio starfish (I think!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Derek's End of the Year Festivities

Band Banquet - Derek, Asher, SergioAwards Day - Derek & Alex

Kaylee's field trip to the park

Jordyn, Kaylee, EliseKaylee with Mrs. Dorsey
Sierra, Kaylee, Kayli, Suzanne
Kaylee's last field trip of the year was to a new park called Common Ground. She had a blast saying goodbye to her 2nd grade friends here in Lakeland.

5th Grade Field Day

The 5th graders finished the year with a bang. They spent the day at a local park playing games and having fun. Unfortunately, it POURED rain on everyone for a while, so the result was a lot of really wet, really stinky kids. Despite the expression on his face, he loved it.

Brandon's first "real" school project

As one of his final acts in Kindergarten, Brandon made this ocean animal scene in a shoebox. He was so excited to do a project just like the big kids.

Arrow of Light

Dustin has officially graduated from Cub Scouts and can now start working towards his Boy Scout ranks. He worked very hard in Cub Scouts and we're proud of him for earning the Arrow of Light award.

Dustin's 11th birthday

He opted for a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake.
Burak, Derek, Brandon, Kaylee, Dustin, Noah
Dustin showing off his gifts.

Ordinary days

Kaylee loves to drag Fiona into the bedroom with her. Fiona objects fiercely at first, but eventually gives in. You'd never guess how frantically she avoids Kaylee's advances!
Brandon making silly faces. I can't believe how fast he changed from my baby to a little boy!