Sunday, February 1, 2009

False Alarm

Derek's bus comes at 6:34 am - sometimes a few minutes earlier. I wake up at around 5:40 usually, and make sure that Derek is up and moving. This morning, I heard the shower running and looked at the clock. It was 6:30 - why didn't Roger tell me that my alarm didn't go off before he got in the shower?! I hurried to the boys' room, knowing there was no way we could catch the bus, but maybe I could still get Derek to school on time. Besides, it was past time for everyone else to be up. We usually do scripture study at 6:00. I noticed that Derek's alarm hadn't been set either. Wow, we were both slacking off. I flipped on the light and frantically announced, "Everybody up!! It's 6:30!" Brandon had relocated to Dustin's bed during the night, so all 3 boys slowly sat up, responding to my panic. Derek said, "Huh??" and I repeated myself with a very exasperated voice, "It's 6:30 - get UP!! The bus is probably here right now!!" Derek then said, "Mom, it's Sunday." There was a long pause while I digested this information and realized he was right. I said, "Oh, sorry - go back to sleep." Feeling very foolish and embarrassed, I slowly left. On the way out, I heard Brandon say, "She is uh-razy." ('crazy' in Brandon speak)